The teachers will be extraordinarily talented and skilled in subject and General Knowledge.

Advantage of IGCSE

  1. The IGCSE-UK pattern is more practical and application-based.
  2. As it is completely understanding – oriented programme, it has a broader spectrum of subjects that would lead to all-round development of the each and every individual student.
  3. IGCSE-UK assessments examine only the students’ knowledge, not their memory and speed.
  4. The IGCSE pedagogy focuses on ‘how to learn’ rather than ‘what to learn’.
  5. Learning through this curriculum will endorse students long term everlasting memory capability.
  6. It has worldwide acceptance and status.
  7. It benefits students who have recently shifted to India from countries like US or UK.
  8. It has a balanced education full of international standards.
  9. It has been recognized by most of the educational institutions all over the world.
  10. Students following the IGCSE-UK pattern can always compete and appear for competitive examinations conducted by colleges affiliated to all premier universities not only in India but universities situated world over.

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