The teachers will be extraordinarily talented and skilled in subject and General Knowledge.

Concept of IGCSE

IGCSE-UK stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. The globally accepted and approved pattern is slightly different from the curriculum that we are known about. The IGCSE-UK is a 10 Level program for students. The IGCSE-UK assessments are however conducted only by UK approved assessment boards in which Edexcel is one of the 5 boards by the government of UK to offer IGCSE-UK pattern in UK. The assessments that are conducted by IGCSE-UK Schools are not just written but include variety of tests like oral tests or even grading based on overall achievement. A practical approach is what one can find in this pattern. The grades are allocated to students based on their overall performance and they may vary from A+, A to G, where A+ is considered to be extraordinary performance and G would stand for Failure.

The examination board Edexcel offers its own version, the Edexcel IGCSE-UK:

Edexcel, formerly known as London Examination and the largest awarding body in the UK of academic and vocational qualifications, Formed over 100 years ago by a royal charter, is respected across the world as an advocate of quality education standards. Edexcel board which is present in over 110 countries worldwide offers the IGCSE-UK and GCE AS & A level qualifications for schools. Edexcel is one of the 5 boards by the government of UK to offer IGCSE-UK’s and GCE’s in state funded schools in the UK. Edexcel is one of the approved boards and an associate member of COBSE (council of boards of school education in India).

The Edexcel International Primary Curriculum:

The Edexcel International Primary Curriculum is a world class curriculum to prepare children for the primary university of London examination at the end of 3rd and 5th year of study. One is aware that the teaching methodology is undergoing several changes world over. The present trend in our country too is to expose children to a curriculum which will make them much more competitive. The Edexcel curriculum gives a solid foundation for learning with a very structured curriculum. This curriculum provides an International bench mark of achievement with externally marked Achievement Tests at the end of the third and the fifth year. The curriculum comprises English, Math and Science for grade I to V.

Recruitment of Teachers:

The teachers for Orange British Academy – IGCSE, UK Pattern will be directly recruited by the Edexcel Organization.  The    teachers   will   be   extraordinarily talented and skilled in subject and General Knowledge.

IGCSE – UK has been approved by:

  • Government of India
  • COBSE – Council of Board of Secondary Education
  • AIU – Association of Indian University
  • Accepted by all Indian Boards across Indian Sub Continent during school to school transfer programme
  • Indian Highi Commission

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